Raptor Diesel Fuel Pump Cummins

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Product Overview

Pureflow Raptor Diesel Lift Pump Dodge Ram Cummins

The Raptor-4G Lift Pump provides more fuel than stock for all your performance needs! The Raptor-4G is our entry level fuel system that delivers performance on a budget. This pump is fully adjustable from 7-70psi. Prevent fuel starvation and improve the performance of your diesel engine with the Raptor 4G! These pumps feature a built in adjustable Regulator, no return line needed, flow rates of 100 and 150gph, and easy installation.
Mounting to the frame rail using the supplied sandwich plate mounting system make installation simple and quick. The suction line connects to the factory suction fitting on top of the fuel module and includes hose and fittings required for a professional looking installation.  The pressure side connects to the factory injection pump feed line on the frame back by the fuel cooler. These pumps are internally regulated and do not require a return line so no drilling or cutting is necessary making it one of the simplest aftermarket diesel pump to install; even for a weekend mechanic. 

Raptor Lift Pump Benifits

  • Improved engine performance
  • Increased fuel delivery over factory specs.
  • Supports modified diesel engines or aftermarket tuning
  • Easy Installation all parts included in kit
  • Performance on a budget



(No reviews yet) Write a Review